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How to view Flickr pictures in slideshows on iPad and iPhone

Flickr is always one of the most popular photo apps for photographers and photography fans. With Flickr on iPad / iPhone, you can easily share your pictures and view Flickr’s amazing collection of photos. What if you want to view Flickr images in a slideshow with music, transitions, ken burns effects? Do you have to [...]

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How to create a slideshow on iPad with music and transitions

Windows Movie Maker is a free video maker which works on Windows provided by Microsoft.  However, what if you want to use it on your iOS devices, like iPad/ iPhone / iPod? I am sorry to say that this free movie maker does not support iOS. So you have to use other alternative movie makers. [...]

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How to Make an Instagram Slideshow

You have lots of great photos on your Instagram, do you want to add some your favorite music and make a stunning slideshow to amaze your friends? In this guide I will show you how easy it is to build a professional slideshow with your Instagram photos in minutes on iPad, then share it with [...]

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