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How to create a slideshow with Pan / Zoom effects

The zooming and panning across photographs gives the feeling of motion, and keeps the viewer visually engaged. Pan / Zoom effects can make your still photos seems dynamic in a slideshow. This tutorial is about how to create a slideshow with Pan / Zoom effects and customize the Pan / Zoom effects with the best [...]

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How to play a slideshow on projector through iPad

This tutorial is about how to connect your iPad to a projector(such as projector in a campus Smart Room or business conference room ), and play your slideshow on a  bigger screen from iPad. When put your slideshow on a projector, you can showcase your photo presentation to many people in a room. 1. Create [...]

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How to create a slideshow with Dropbox photos

I have bunches of photos in my Dropbox  account. Is there an app which can get photos from my Dropbox and create a slideshow with photos from Dropbox? Photo Slideshow Director HD is a slideshow app which allows you to make slideshows with photos from different sources, including Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr etc. In this [...]

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How to share Dropbox photos as a slideshow

With Dropbox, we can store and share photos, videos and other files. Dropbox allows users to share single and a whole photo folder to friends easily. However, we can share Dropbox photos in a more interesting way – slideshow. Friends will find it fun to watch your photos with music, transitions, and other effects. In [...]

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How to play a slideshow on TV in continuous loop

I’ve created a slideshow using a few dozen photographs and I want to have it playing on a continuous loop on the TV….at present, when it reaches the end, it stops and I have to press play again. If you have many photographs and want to show them as a slideshow with music and transitions [...]

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How to set slideshow portrait and landscape mode on iPad

The best iPad slideshow maker – Photo Slideshow Director HD works in both portrait and landscape mode. So you can play a slideshow on iPad in portrait view or landscape as per your preference. For example, to view photos from a fashion show, you can change the viewing mode to portrait mode. It is very [...]

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How to airplay a slideshow to HDTV from iPad

Have many photos saved on your iPad or online albums and wanna stream photos on big screen HDTV? It is easy to airplay iPad photos on TV with Apple’s airplay feature. However you can even airplay photos with music, transitions and more effects as a slideshow than just still photos. In this tutorial, I will [...]

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How to a loop a slideshow on iPad

My sister wants to make a slide show on her iPad so it can be displayed through out the day. So please advise how to make an iPad slideshow loop? Photo Slideshow Director HD enables you to view photos in a continuously looping slideshow on iPad.  Import your images into the iPad slideshow maker, then [...]

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How to upload a slideshow to Dropbox from iPad

This article is about how to make a slideshow on iPad with pictures and music, then upload it to Dropbox for storing and sharing with friends. Photo Slideshow Director HD enables you to convert digital photos to a slideshow with kinds of effects, then directly post to Dropbox from the app. Steps to publish an [...]

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How to upload a slideshow to YouTube from iPad

It is an interesting way to share your photos on YouTube as a video slideshow  with music, transitions and other effects.  If there are many photos on your iPad, it will more easier to convert digital photos to a stunning slideshow and post it to YouTube with Photo Slideshow Director HD. This iPad slideshow creator [...]

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