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How to merge photos into a time-lapse video with music and transitions

If you have taken thousands of photographs, you can convert still photographs to a time-lapse video.  To merge photos together, you do not need any codec or any professional time lapse video making skills. In this article, I will show  you how to bond photos together to create a time lapse video.

Before creating time-lapse video, please do some pre-work:

  1. An easy tool to turn photos into time lapse video clips -  Photo Slideshow Director HD
  2. Time internal between photos
  3. Single pictures you want to use in the timelapse video

Simple taps to make time lapse video from single pictures:

1. Import pictures to Photo Slideshow Director HD

You can add pictures from different sources, like Photo Library, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Dropbox, SkyDrive and  Instagram.

Touch Photo icon and choose albums in your iPad/ iPhone / iPod Photo Library, then tap photos to add. To import photos from web albums(we assume you have web album accounts), you have to sign in first, then choose albums and photos to use.

add pictures to timelapse video maker

import pictures from various sources

2. Set single photo showing time

Touch the Setting icon at the right top of the screen, then tap Show Time to set the showing time for all pictures. To set the time internal between two pictures, touch the  Transition Time. You should not set the time too long or too short.  Too long time will make whole video long, whereas , short time will cause that people do not have enough time to see every single picture.

set photo showing time

set photo showing time

3. Customize the photo video with effects

Until Now, your time lapse video is ready for showing or saving with transitions. However to make it more attractive, you can add music and video effects, such as themes with beautiful background image, pan / zoom effects, text and subtitles, and etc.

If you just want to make a simple time-lapse photo video, you can skip this step.

Now, you can preview the video by tapping Play icon(triangle).

4. Output and share the time-lapse video

Now you can save the video to Camera Roll or publish online for sharing. This video maker provides multiple ways to share the slideshow. Besides outputting the video to Camera Roll, you can also stream it on HDTV, or publish to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox/ SkyDrive for sharing. Even you can wirelessly transfer it to PC for viewing on your computer.

output a video

Share photo timelapse video


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