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How to set slideshow portrait and landscape mode on iPad

The best iPad slideshow maker – Photo Slideshow Director HD works in both portrait and landscape mode. So you can play a slideshow on iPad in portrait view or landscape as per your preference. For example, to view photos from a fashion show, you can change the viewing mode to portrait mode. It is very [...]

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How to delete synced photos from iPad

You can remove photos taken with the iPad’s camera, copied via the camera kit or saved from emails/websites directly on iPad, but you can’t delete synced photos directly on the iPad. Photos that were synced from your computer are deleted by moving/removing/ de-selecting them from where they were synced from on your computer and then [...]


How to airplay a slideshow to HDTV from iPad

Have many photos saved on your iPad or online albums and wanna stream photos on big screen HDTV? It is easy to airplay iPad photos on TV with Apple’s airplay feature. However you can even airplay photos with music, transitions and more effects as a slideshow than just still photos. In this tutorial, I will [...]

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How to a loop a slideshow on iPad

My sister wants to make a slide show on her iPad so it can be displayed through out the day. So please advise how to make an iPad slideshow loop? Photo Slideshow Director HD enables you to view photos in a continuously looping slideshow on iPad.  Import your images into the iPad slideshow maker, then [...]

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Top songs for a wedding slideshow

Are you planning to make a wedding slideshow for yourself, your daughter, son or friends? Then select some wedding songs from the list and add them into the wedding slideshow to boost the atmosphere. A wedding slideshow can be displayed on wedding ceremony to guests. If you and your beloved has been in love for [...]

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Convert Dropbox photos to a slideshow and share on Facebook and Twitter

Dropbox enables you to share photos with friends easily via its sharing feature. Even you can share all pictures in a folder to friends. However you can do more than share still photos with your friends. People will be more willing to watch a slideshow with music, transitions, pan / zoom effects, etc. In this [...]

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How to upload a slideshow to Dropbox from iPad

This article is about how to make a slideshow on iPad with pictures and music, then upload it to Dropbox for storing and sharing with friends. Photo Slideshow Director HD enables you to convert digital photos to a slideshow with kinds of effects, then directly post to Dropbox from the app. Steps to publish an [...]

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How to upload a slideshow to YouTube from iPad

It is an interesting way to share your photos on YouTube as a video slideshow  with music, transitions and other effects.  If there are many photos on your iPad, it will more easier to convert digital photos to a stunning slideshow and post it to YouTube with Photo Slideshow Director HD. This iPad slideshow creator [...]

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Best songs for graduation slideshow

Time flies! Graduation is approaching. Prospective graduates may need some graduation songs for celebration. Here I list the most popular graduation songs for slideshows and celebration party. Graduation means the ending of  a past academic trip and the beginning of  the next journey in our lives. Graduation is a time of celebration. No matter we [...]

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Top 20 Graduation Quotes For Graduates

Graduation means the end of an academic era and the beginning of the next chapter in our lives.  Graduation quotes can be used in graduation commencement speech, or written in a card. Also if you can congratulate your friends, families or yourself with an inspirational graduation quotes. For graduates who are going to work, an [...]


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