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How to transfer a photo slideshow to PC from iPad via WiFi

Thanks to Photo Slideshow Director HD, it takes no effort to create slideshows from pictures on iPad for YouTube and Facebook. You may ask: can I transfer a photo slideshow to computer?  Of course,  the slideshow app’s built-in wireless transfer feature makes it so easy to move a slideshow to PC from iPad via WiFi. [...]

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How to post your iPad photos to Facebook as a slideshow

As one of the most popular social websites, Facebook is a good place to share our photos and latest status with friends. Maybe you are bored to share still photos, now you can turn your photos to a slideshow and upload it to Facebook for sharing. To create a slideshow with pictures for Facebook , [...]

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How to sync iPad to PC with iTunes over WiFi

Can I wirelessly connect my iPad to PC and transfer photos, movies and other files between iPad and PC over WiFi? To use iPad, iTunes is an essential tool you have to use to sync iPad with PC. With iTunes, you can  sync photos, videos, music and other files on PC to iPad easily. Think [...]

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How to make a YouTube video with pictures and music on iPad

Wanna share your pictures as a video to YouTube with music? Then you may need to learn how to convert pictures to slideshow videos with music for YouTube. In this article, I will show you how to make a YouTube video slideshow with photos and post it to YouTube from iPad. Besides capturing videos for [...]

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How to merge photos into a time-lapse video with music and transitions

If you have taken thousands of photographs, you can convert still photographs to a time-lapse video.  To merge photos together, you do not need any codec or any professional time lapse video making skills. In this article, I will show  you how to bond photos together to create a time lapse video. Before creating time-lapse [...]

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How to view Flickr pictures in slideshows on iPad and iPhone

Flickr is always one of the most popular photo apps for photographers and photography fans. With Flickr on iPad / iPhone, you can easily share your pictures and view Flickr’s amazing collection of photos. What if you want to view Flickr images in a slideshow with music, transitions, ken burns effects? Do you have to [...]

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How to create a slideshow on iPad with music and transitions

Windows Movie Maker is a free video maker which works on Windows provided by Microsoft.  However, what if you want to use it on your iOS devices, like iPad/ iPhone / iPod? I am sorry to say that this free movie maker does not support iOS. So you have to use other alternative movie makers. [...]

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Photo Slideshow Director HD 5.0 is a slideshow maker for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Is there a photo video app I can use to make slideshow video with photos from my iPad / iPhone Camera Roll, Picasa and Facebook? Many iOS users many have this question. Photo Slideshow Director HD is absolutely the answer, which is a user-friendly and powerful photo slideshow presentation software for iPhone, iPad and iPod [...]

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How to connect your iPad and iPhone with Personal Hotspot ?

When  there is no Wi-Fi , how to connect your iPad with iPhone? or even there does have Wi-Fi in a public place, such as Coffee bar, School, Library, Hotel etc, because these wireless network are configured to disable communications between network clients for security purpose, this guide will also help you to connnect your [...]

How to Make an Instagram Slideshow

You have lots of great photos on your Instagram, do you want to add some your favorite music and make a stunning slideshow to amaze your friends? In this guide I will show you how easy it is to build a professional slideshow with your Instagram photos in minutes on iPad, then share it with [...]

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