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Photo Slideshow Director Version 4.5 Released

With our continue development,  we are glad that version 4.5 has just been released.

The great features included:

  • You can now import photos directly from Instagram, Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive
  • You can upload the slideshow to Dropbox and SkyDrive for sharing
  • Individual photo can be saved to photo library after editing with the powerful photo editor

Some Reviews from Canada AppStore:

I am impressed! ★★★★★

by betamax3000 – Version 4.2 – Sep 23, 2012

Awesome app! Intuitive interface and rich features make it possible to creat professional look-and-feel slideshows rapidly. Thanks for the good work!

Easy and fun to use ★★★★

by Boopthis – Version 4.1 – Jul 9, 2012

This app is pretty awesome, I made a nice slideshow for my husband for Father’s Day. My only negative is the wifi transfer does not work.

Easy and quick, highly recommended ★★★★★

by Charlie Boots – Version 3.1 – Feb 27, 2012

This is really a very nice app. If you want to make an excellent slide show this easily does it in a matter of minutes, and it has all the bells and whistles. Also like the ability to export to HD video. The latest update which ads a full page slide sorter makes it outstanding. Highly recommended.

This is great!! ★★★★★

by Vikinglogger – Version 3.0 – Feb 24, 2012

Tried out a couple of the other PowerPoint/slides how apps….they sucked, this one is a jewel…2bad it isn’t easily found in the AppStore….so far so good though….

Love it! ★★★★

by CanuckCrazy – Version 3.0 – Feb 21, 2012

This is a really nice Slideshow app worth the money spent….I’ll give it 5 stars when you can send to your Apple TV!

Very useful ★★★★★

by Joeguerre – Version 2.6 – Jan 29, 2012

Love this to quick videos. Very easy to use and functionality is great.

Great app / User friendly ★★★★★

by Dame-Plume – Version 2.6 – Jan 19, 2012

I accidentally bought the iPhone version of this app and decided to give it a look anyway. I made a pretty good slideshow in about 3 minutes with it on my iPad… and came right back to the Appstore to buy ALSO this one, its iPad version… Then I called my brother and my sister and told them to get it too because they are total beginners and this app is totally user friendly. :)

I love this app ★★★★★

by Perkulicious – Version 2.6 – Jan 5, 2012

Simple fast and makes you feel like a pro. Congrats on a wonderful app that does everything it promises and more…worth every penny.