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How to create a slideshow with Pan / Zoom effects

The zooming and panning across photographs gives the feeling of motion, and keeps the viewer visually engaged. Pan / Zoom effects can make your still photos seems dynamic in a slideshow. This tutorial is about how to create a slideshow with Pan / Zoom effects and customize the Pan / Zoom effects with the best iPad slideshow app -  Photo Slideshow Director HD.

You can download the  Photo Slideshow Director app by scanning the QR code below:

Photo Slideshow Director

Download Photo Slideshow director

Actually, once photos are imported, Photo Slideshow Director HD will apply default Pan / Zoom effects to them. If you want to design the Pan and Zoom effects by yourself, please follow the instructions below:

  • Hit the “Edit” tab and select “Pan & Zoom” , then a small Pan & Zoom window will show up.
  • Use pan, pinch and rotation gesture to operate on the current photo to set the start frame and end frame.

Note: If you want use the same Pan & Zoom effect to all photos, touch “Apply to All Photos” in Pan & Zoom area.

set pan / zoom effects for slideshow

Tips on how to pan, zoom and rotate a photo

  • To pan: Use your fingers to enlarge the photos
  • To zoom: Use your fingers to reduce the size of the image
  • To rotate: Use your gestures to make counter clockwise rotation or clockwise rotation  to make the image in the right place

After setting a pan / zoom, touch the “Play” button to preview the pan and zoom effects.

customize pan and zoom effects

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