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How to sync iPad to PC with iTunes over WiFi

Can I wirelessly connect my iPad to PC and transfer photos, movies and other files between iPad and PC over WiFi? To use iPad, iTunes is an essential tool you have to use to sync iPad with PC. With iTunes, you can  sync photos, videos, music and other files on PC to iPad easily. Think how convenient it will be if you can connect iPad to PC iTunes without cable.

To connect iPad to PC over WiFi, you should consider three conditions as listed below: 1. Your iPad should run iOS 5 or higher, 2.  iTunes on PC should be 10.6 or higher(upgrade from Apple official website),  3. iPad and PC are using the same network.

1.  Connect iPad to PC with USB cable. Believe it or not, you have  to connect iPad and PC with cable first to change the settings.

2. After iTunes successfully recognize your iPad, you can see your iPad name under DEVICES list in the left column. Click the iPad name, you will see a list of  options that can be synced in the main screen.

3. Click Summary from the list and scroll down to the Options area.

4. Check the box ahead of Sync with this iPad over WiFi, then click Apply button at the bottom of the screen to apply the setting.

5. Now you have finished the setting.  Unplug iPad USB cable from PC , you will see that your iPad is still connecting to PC and your iPad is still under DEVICES.

6. As long as your iPad and PC are in the same network, iTunes on PC can recognize your iPad over WiFi. Then you can sync iPad to PC wirelessly.

It will be very convenient to sync iPad to PC via WiFi, for you do not need to plug the USB cable into PC. However, if you have a slow network, it will be faster to sync big files(such as movies) from PC to iPad.

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