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Transfer photos from Android device to iPad

I have Samsung galaxy s3 phone and can not figure out how to get the photos from the phone to the iPad. I have tried emailing them and opening and that has not worked.

If you have an Android smartphone / tablet. You may wonder how to share photos between iOS devices and Android devices.  All you need is a simple app -  WiFi Transfer App. It is compatible for both iPad / iPhone / iPod and Android devices.

WiFi Transfer App is a Free app on Google Play Store. Install the app on both your Android smartphone / tablet and iPad / iPhone / iPod, you can transfer photos photos over WiFi.

WiFi Transfer App is compatible with:

1. Android Device(Free) : Install from Google Play Store

2. iPad , iPhone and iPod : Install from Apple App Store

With WiFi Transfer App, you can

1. Move photos from one Android device to another
2. Transfer photos from Android device to iPhone / iPad / iPod
3. Move photos from iPhone / iPad / iPod to Android device
4. Download photos from Android device to computer
5. Upload photos from computer to Android devices

Key features:

* Batch transfer, it is faster than using Bluetooth
* Transfer photos over Wi-Fi network, no cables required.
* Preserves photo metadata in all transfer directions
* Very easy to use, just running Wireless Transfer App on your devices and put them under the same Wi-Fi network.
* Easily upload multiple photos from your Android to another Android Device on the same Wi-Fi network.
* Transfer multiple photos from Android devices to iPad, iPhone or iTouch & Vice Versa


1. All Android devices and iPhone /iPad /iPod must in the same Wi-Fi network
2. iPhone /iPad / iPod need to run iOS version of Wireless Transfer App. To download iOS version of Wireless Transfer App, please search “socusoft” on AppStore.
3. Windows and Mac version are free, you can download from

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